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30 January 2016

Commuting and Conferences

For the first post of the year, I thought I would share one of my projects for the year. 

We recently moved to New Jersey, which is one of the most amazing places that we could live. 

My commute is a very pretty drive with lots of great scenery. 

Since the drive is about an hour, I decided to download General Conference talks from the Gospel Library App. The talks are able to be downloaded starting in 1971, so I figured that gives me about 45 years to work with. At about 10 hours a week, that'll give me over a year to work with, which is nice as it will give me lots of different material to study and learn from. 

I started on April 1971 a week ago, and as they are a little longer back then, I finished it up in the middle of the week.

There's lots of good insights in them, and while I won't go into detail into each one, I will attempt to post some of my favorite highlights, or insights gained from it.

I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you, as I find things that help my understanding of daily life, and look forward to hearing some of your thoughts as well! 

Look for the next post coming soon!