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04 May 2014

Seminary: Scripture Mastery (Book of Mormon)

One of my favorite parts of Seminary was memorizing scriptures and noticing how effective they became later in my life.
I also realized the great emphasis that some of the leaders of the church place on those verses in their General Conference Addresses. I decided recently to make a video of all 25 Scripture Master Verses from the Book of Mormon as told by the General Authorities, and have been greatly blessed as a result of that study (Many thanks to www.scriptures.byu.edu).
The video is about 18 minutes long, but has great power and comfort. I hope to see many others be able to utilize this video in their study of Scripture Mastery, and plan on using it more and more. I love to hear the words of Scriptures taught by Prophets, Apostles and Leaders of today. Hearing their words have strengthened my understanding of the passages themselves, and I am grateful for all that I have learned while compiling this, and I hope that you have as great a time in listening.

 I plan on posting a few notes and "Easter Eggs" that I came across while putting the video together. How the music lines up, why certain passages had extra emphasis, and most importantly, how focused the mission of Christ came through as the entire video progresses.